Executive Board Meeting Summary

This semester, board meetings are held in the Union at 4:30 pm, every Sunday. Meetings are open for all members to observe or bring an issue to the board's attention. A summary of the meeting minutes and decisions for each week is found below. If you are interested in attending a meeting or have any questions about the board, please email the secretary at secretary@illinistudentmusicals.org




Rehearsal staff updates: things are going well, although there has been some stress. The PRM will be working with the cast to clarify everyone’s pronouns and build a more relaxed team dynamic in the days leading up to tech week. Ticket sales have begun, and the program is close to being completed. 


Marketing updates: Big thanks to Trevor for setting up a successful Halloween event! 
        Goal for next week: set up an advertisement in university buildings through the TVs.


Outreach updates: SAI benefit will be at 4:30 with rehearsals after Fun Home. Also, we are working with the finance chair of AGD in order to see how much they can give us in fundraising. 


Treasurer updates: currently under budget! Yay! So far only 13 responses on the merch form, hopefully, that number will go up. 


Closed discussion of feedback from the member feedback box. 



Rehearsal staff updates: rehearsal staff sent out a form to get some feedback from the cast. Besides that, things are going well. We are still getting the program and ticket sales together.


Marketing updates: Going really well, had a very productive meeting. Lots of new ideas for the team to implement.

            Goal for next week: film a “no bones” tiktok and get started on interviews with the cast.


Outreach updates: SAI benefit is still unconfirmed; however, we have gotten three acts to sign up and represent us! Hopefully, more information coming soon. Also, the committee is officially up and running! Only four members this semester, but it’s a good start. We received an email from some FAA students looking to help out with the set, exciting! Finally, we received an email from AGD saying that they are looking to sponsor us as part of their philanthropy.


Treasurer updates: Ethan needs to do the purchase request for Lincoln Hall.


Feedback box update: Up on the website! No responses yet.



Rehearsal staff updates: Things have been a little crazy! Stop the spread of covid, two people tested positive in the last week. We have decided to require more tests. No push back from new covid rules, people seem to be understanding of the circumstances.


Outreach updates: SAI benefit is still unconfirmed; however, we know that there will be no new rehearsals and they will provide an accompanist. Hopefully more information coming soon. Also, the new committee has had only three applicants.


Treasurer updates: We are approved for SORF! Yay!


Task management update: Kenneth created a Trello board for the exec board to keep organized on our goals for this semester. Thanks Kenneth, it looks great!


Feedback box update: Owen created it, this week he will put it up on the website. He is officially the Organizational Feedback Manager.


Rehearsal staff updates: All things are going well, hoping to start build crew ASAP, Jo will reach out to build crew people and send them to Jessi. We are distributing contracts and they will be due back in two weeks. 

Outreach updates: SAI (the sorority) is putting together a benefit concert and reached out to us to pull some acts together. Seems like a great opportunity! Maya is going to look into it. 

Marketing updates: Had a great meeting! Future room requests have been submitted, there were no problems with the room today. Action plans are being formed within the committee. 
VOTE: The board voted “yes” to hiring Justin as the head graphic designer, and Maddie as the assistant graphic designer. 

Social event update: Jessi created the form for Curtis, it has been sent out. 

Feedback box update: The board decided that only the general and important submissions will be kept from year to year, and we will only give access to the form to the one person who is elected to this position.


Task management update: Kenneth found a great little website called Trello on which people can make to-do lists. He is setting up an account for us. 

Treasurer updates: SORF will hopefully come in by next week. Costume department has requested a bigger budget, we cannot give them one as we have no more money. This week we will be setting up the purchase request forms. 



Rehearsal staff updates: Nothing to report! Staff meetings should begin this week. Danny has given Hannah the key to the warehouse, she will begin set up as soon as she can. Danny is also working on confirming the Sunday show date, things look favorable.  


Treasurer updates: Ethan will send out contracts to Brigid by the end of the day. Both he and Emma will look into printing a physical playbill for this show.


Outreach updates: Thank you Maya for setting up our spot in the pride parade! Also, she is making the contracts for the outreach committee this week.


Marketing updates: We were reached out to by CTRL-V of AAF. They are an advertising club that can film stuff. Ethan knows people in the club and wants us to get involved. Trevor wants to film a trailer of the show using these people. Also, the board (except Jo) really want a new logo. Need to hire in graphic designer and asst. ASAP


Social event update: Jessie has many ideas for social events, they all seem super fun. Good job Jessi! We are considering going to Curtis.  

Discussion of the Executive Producer role: Danny will be primarily filling this role this semester. However, all board members are welcome to help out and serve as EPs as well.  



Show updates: Room requests for Lincoln are filling up soon! We have decided to reserve Lincoln for mom’s weekend. Show dates in November: Friday 12th, Saturday 13th, Sunday 14th.

(Cannot have two Saturdays because of the women’s glee concert)

Also, we have decided the spring show will be on mom’s weekend once again.


Treasurer updates: Production finance manager! This is a new invention created by Ethan and Zoe to help manage the treasurer’s workload. Today Zoe talked the board through it. In summary, the PFM will work together with the treasurer and the department heads for the show. They will be a middleman, enforcing budgets and completing purchase requests.

            Vote: the board voted to hire Zoe as the first ever production finance manager.


General board positions: The general board members should have specific roles to fill in order to expedite board functions. We are tabling this discussion for now while they decide what they would like to do.


Vote: The board hired the technical staff team.



Show updates: Cast list is out! We will be hiring tech staff next week. Rights are good to go for ITW, just waiting on shipment from MTI. Got our money from Little Women (there was a delay due to paperwork with their vender which is why it took so long) total is $4828.89. Reached out to CUTC for renting build space in the warehouse. Had some issues with our RSO account which caused room reservation issues, working to resolve this week.


Closed discussion about the feedback we have received regarding casting


Treasurer updates: Ethan proposed the budget for Into the Woods. He based his assessment on how Little Women performed, as well as how Carrie (our last in person show) performed. The board discussed the viability of the numbers, it should be doable taking into account some new factors with the theatres etc.

            Vote: the board voted to accept Ethan’s budget.

            Vote: the board voted to bring back the 70 dollars in ticket sales for cast and staff.


Outreach updates: Maya and Emma will be working to set up ISM’s place in the pride parade!